It is interesting to look at the reasons why we at Eric N Smith should choose Milne Management Ltd. Ours is a high security business and to converse with people that understand everyday affairs without complication is a delight. Your team leaders and in fact, the very reliable security staff, have a total comprehension of our needs, whether it is customer events in a public venue, or transit of precious stock worth serious money. The calibre of your people is such that they merge into the environment, but on the odd occasion, proved to be instant in their response. I have never been attracted to the global, over advertised security firms and have always felt that the profile of Milne Management Ltd is just right.

Eric N Smith D.A.

We recently had a visit from the Considerate Constructor Scheme who send out a monitor to interview site team and to make sure we are doing everything we should be doing within the community.
The monitor has visited the Riverside and CITY projects and remarked on the smartness of the S/O's, Darren and Jackie and how warm a welcome they got to site. You only get one opportunity at making a first impression and the guys came up to the mark.
I have mentioned to each but thought that you should know too. Easy to mump and moan just as easy to say well done!

Ian Balmer
Liaison Manager

Milne Management Ltd provides Braehead Arena with all our security and stewarding requirements. The support and total professionalism is a credit to the whole staff and management structure.
The practical experience Milne Managment Ltd brings to the security and event industry is vast; the security personnel are dependable and committed to providing a focused service.

Scott Martin
Arena Manager

Communication with the company was clear and straight forward. Milne Management Ltd provided a professional service at a competitive price and we will have no hesitation in using their services again when required for a our future events.
I have no hesitation in recommending Milne Management Ltd for your professional security requirements.

Grant McFarlane
Senior Corporate Fundraiser

KL Events have worked with Milne Management Ltd for a number of years on a wide range of events and have found them to be extremely professional and reliable.
Their Knowledge of security which stems from a miltary background is of great comfort when dealing with high profile individuals and liasing with Special Branch.

Kylie Forrest